About: The Horse That Whispers Back, Vignettes

A male friend witnessed Kaheka and his female buddy horse, Amoura, at the water trough. Kaheka was taking a mouth full of water one at a time and dribbling the water carefully on her head and down her spine. It was very intimate. My friend interpreted it as a reminder to be more nurturing to his wife. Since I know him as a man who is naturally attentive to those in his care, I suspected it was also a reminder for him to do some nurturing of his own spirit as well.

>When considering whether to take a particular client who was wanting to practice massage on the horses. I asked the horses. Apolinaire and his female equine companion, Mariah, stepped up near me and started massaging each other in ways I’d not seen before. Their message to me was to offer an invitation to this new client and they would teach her new ways,…their ways.

>Another woman in her late 80’s sat in a comfortable outdoor chair in the shade of an umbrella, chattering away with Kaheka as he munched on his pile of hay nearby. True to his name which means “tide pool”, he unveils hidden mysteries and is also a dream giver. That night she had a semi-awake dream or unveiling when she remembered that many years ago an uncle had tried to molest her when she was a teenager. This memory had been buried in her unconscious until that night and the revelation brought resolution to something that had been troubling her.

>A close friend shared that when she went to visit the herd, Apolinaire shooed all of the horses away when she arrived, and he stood a distance away as well. She at first felt rejected but soon realized what he was doing. She was still suffering fear from an incident she’d had with her own young horse many months ago. Apolinaire, sensing her apprehension, moved the horses away and kept himself at a distance so as not to overwhelm her. She was deeply touched and experienced a healing in her experiences with horses.

>An elderly woman had lived most of her long life with the effects of childhood sexual molestation. The horses brought her healing in a beautiful way and transformed her life. Read about it here.

>A young woman was struggling with her relationship and had felt that the way her partner was treating her was her fault. The horses acted out a short drama that revealed that she was a scape goat for her partner’s stress around finances. A little later, one of the mares did an unusual thing. She left the herd which by then had moved to the far side of the pasture. Focusing her sight directly on this young woman she galloped full speed across the wide field and came to a screeching halt at the gate where the woman was standing. It was awesome to witness. The exhileration and joy imparted to her by this otherworldly horse, lifted her spirits to the heavenly realm as she drove back home feeling transformed.
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