About: The Horse That Whispers Back, Equine-Directed Therapy

Equine-Directed Personal and Spiritual Growth Sessions

The description of the sessions below is part of a packet of information given to a client or potential client prior to a session. For more information and further questions, email me, bevodill@yahoo.com
and be sure to mention “equine therapy” in the subject line.

Specializing in taming your fears and setting your spirit free:
…recovery from effects of childhood abuse
…recovery from addictions
…finding life’s purpose
…uncovering spiritual gifts
…honing strengths in highly sensitive personalities
…any area of personal or spiritual growth
…exploring the mystical journey

Relaxed but powerful sessions:
…No horse experience needed (it may be to your advantage).
…Interactions with a fence between in most cases
…Six horses each with their own special gifts

As a survivor of childhood abuse, I understand the devastating effects on the life of the victim of abuse. It is not something to gloss over, brush off, or take lightly whether your are the victim or you know the victim. I also understand the need for healing to break out of repetitive patterns and daunting fears. This herd of horses opens the door to recovery and takes us to our true essence,…that light and uncluttered place of clarity where our true purpose unfolds and we are able to start living on the joyful and peaceful side of life’s circumstances.

Consider the session a living theater. The stage is set in the barn area with simple props under the canopy of a tree,— a table topped with light snacks and drink, and chairs in which to relax while we talk. The players are you, and the horses on the other side of the fence. They are simultaneously the directors and the actors. There is no rigid structure because each person and situation is different. We are drawn into what seems like an improvisation, though in the end, we know it was divinely planned.

Sessions are relaxed and casual but profound. It can sometimes appear that nothing is happening until suddenly the magic hits, or it slowly unfolds like the opening of a flower. There are 3 options from which to choose (a 4th option would be to customize it to your needs):

    >1-2 hour session. This is an introductory session, or a follow-up refresher when needed. $60/hr

    >half day (4 hours) individual retreat for deeper work. During the session, you may feel you want some time to process and absorb. Journaling, hiking, walking on the beach, or simply climbing up the hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean and sitting. There is also opportunity for engaging in art or music if you are inclined. $200

    >5 day individual retreat consisting of daily sessions for more intensive work. It is a half to full day retreat done daily.  This targets issues rooted more deeply such as abuse or addictions, etc.  Pricing to be negotiated.

What to Expect:
Usually we start with spontaneous conversation getting acquainted or catching up from the last session, then perhaps heading toward the table or to the horses if they draw our attention. Continuing conversation (or standing with the horses in silence if that feels best), you get to talk about whatever is on your mind so indulge it —a decision you need to make; your life calling; your talents or spiritual gifts; something that makes you joyful, sad, or troubles you; a dream; a memory that keeps coming up; a feeling… any feeling; your intuition; or a significant life challenge; the effects of sexual abuse or any abuse, addictions; experiences or curiosities about the mystical path, etc.

While we are talking, the horses will respond. Many times they do some kind of theatrics that resonate with you. Sometimes you will connect with one particular horse who may hang out near you. You have been chosen. It is a delightful time of discovery of new and deeper gifts within, openings to new perspectives, healing from the effects of abuse, specifically sexual abuse, and finding resolutions. The horses may raise interesting questions that tap into the core of who you really are, and they often offer effortless transformations. Their goal is to free your beautiful self.

Receive. The most powerful and at the same time the most difficult thing for most humans is to simply receive, and in this case, to receive what the horses are bringing to you.
Pay attention to feelings. Feelings are valuable indicators.
Listen to your intuition. Even if it’s, “I need to take a break and get a drink of water.”

What to Bring:
>your own bottled water if you wish to hike,
>a journal and pen
>a bag lunch for yourself should you want to have a peaceful picnic while writing and soaking in what you are feeling.  (Sometimes it is also my time to take a break.)
>layers of clothing for any shift in the coastal air currents.
>optional: protective boots (without metal reinforcements) if you think you might want to interact with a horse without a fence between
>optional: a musical instrument for a moment of inspiration
>optional: sketching or other art materials if you wish. I also have some.

Some helpful what to do’s and what not to do’s: 
>Dogs, bless their hearts, can play havoc with horses, my own dog included ( but she lives here), so it’s best to make other arrangements for your own.
>Come free of mind altering and physically suppressive substances: drugs, alcohol, some pharmaceutical drugs. It is important to be physically, mentally, and spiritually alert when working with horses:

-for safety
-for the sake of the horses in doing their spiritual work (incongruity causes confusion).
-for your full benefit of the intuitive and spiritual processes.

>Working sessions are private without guests or visitors.

Written Feedback:
My role is setting the stage, asking questions, and helping in intuitive interpretations. Remember, I am not a licensed counselor; I am a coach, an interpreter, a spiritual guide, and fellow traveling companion. The horses are the directors. After the session and pondering it overnight, I will provide written feedback that includes observations, further revelations, and reminders of what took place during the session.

Starting mid morning is best, but afternoons are ok too. Let me know what days work best for you.

I look forward to our time together.

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