Subliminal Messages


Horses mirror back to us feelings and attitudes that are lurking in our
unconscious but are “felt” by others. At the following link, you can read about
a life lesson from Cinnamon, a very sensitive and insightful neighborhood
horse. A true story:

This experience with Cinnamon has peeled back another layer of awareness for us of the subtle judgmental, “fix-it,” or superior attitudes that often take up residency behind our conscious minds as was the case with mine toward Cinnamon. The rest of the equation as Cinnamon has shown, is that those attitudes are in fact felt by others both human, animal, and beyond, even when not spoken. It may be experienced at an underlying level which can trigger a blind reaction from others, or it may be recognized consciously by others especially horses.

When felt and reacted to unconsciously it plays confusing havoc with our interactions because what we argue and fight about is often not the real issue. The horses are so finely attuned, as they need to be as animals of prey, that if left to their instincts, they give us honest feedback in their own language through behaviors that can sometimes be hard for humans to understand and interpret.

These behind the scenes attitudes we carry may be our own, or may have been inherited or somehow absorbed into our lives from somewhere else during our life journey. Nevertheless, they are felt by others and we may find ourselves stuck in patterns in our lives that come from that unconscious place. We feel powerless to change.

On the flip side, when we are the ones feeling that energy from another human it can be confusing. We may experience conflicting messages and not understand it and think there is something wrong with us. It can be crazy making, especially to a highly sensitive individual, human or horse. A horse simply reacts with his or her feedback. Cinnamon simply ignored me by not engaging

A common experience for many of us is being with someone that is acting very calm and friendly in our presence, but are subliminally putting out the opposite message. We feel uncomfortable and can’t quite put our finger on it. Or we may even take on the actual feelings from the other person as if that feeling is our own. I’ve found it important and freeing to understand that there is indeed another message coming through that is incongruous with the surface presentation. That recognition can help to detach from the emotional impact. Often the feeling is anger or some form of agitation.

Sometimes it is may be a judgmental attitude coming from another and we may feel it as a judgment of ourselves from that person which it could be as was the case for Cinnamon’s experience of me, but often it is self-judgment coming from the other person and transferred to ourselves as an experience of our own self-judgment and feelings of uneasiness, and inferiority when in fact it is not our own feeling.

In my opinion from personal experience, the likelihood is that we are doing both in our relationships with other humans, transferring unconscious attitudes to others as I was doing with Cinnamon, and receiving them from others as Cinnamon was doing. I believe it is important for us to learn what we are empathically picking up from others, and learning more about our own unconscious messages and then taking responsibility for what we are putting out. Horses are amazing in both mirroring to us what is hidden, and in offering release and healng to break patterns that are interfering with ability to experience a full and rich life.

Horses are extremely tuned in to conflicting messages from humans and will reflect the unconscious message if opposite from how we are trying to act. My horses will often do something that will make me angry if I am not in touch with it. They help flush out my true subliminal feelings. If I am aware of my anger, they can handle that, unless the anger itself is something I’ve received empathically and doesn’t belong to me in the first place, that is still felt as conflict. It is the conflicting message that is disruptive to the horse. Understanding that is helpful in responding to relentless negative patterns in our relationship with horses, and not to exclude our human relationships. When we are freed, the horse’s behavior will shift, as happened with Cinnamon, and as has happened in many other situations with my own herd. It can also shift our relationships with others.