Sketching Horses: Equine Guided (An Introductory Class)




This is an introductory sketching class guided by the horses for adults (children 8 and over by permission).
It is a prerequisite to a *4-week class equine guided sketching class to be offered in late spring.
An additional class offering :**A special outing for Grandmothers’ and Granddaughters’ (or mothers/daughters, sons, grandsons, fathers, grandfathers, you pick the combo). See below for more information.

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The Language of Horses…A Spiritual (or intuitive) Approach
Meeting the horses (non-riding):
-learn proper etiquette and safety around the horses
-tune into the horses both without touching, and also with touching (non-riding)
-learn to interpret the horses’ personal messages
-explore intuitive thoughts and feelings

-see and feel in fresh new ways
-put movement, emotion and intuitive feeling into sketching
-explore new artistic styles
-discover your own unique styles in sketching
-unravel mysteries in your art and self
-personal change through interaction with the horses and your sketching

Classes are being planned starting in Spring. If it rains we will either reschedule or cozy up in the barn barn on hay bales, with hot apple cider, treats, and the delicious smell of horsey breath!) Dress warmly.
LOCATION: Manchester (directions will be given with your registration) We will be meeting with the horses at a one-of-a-kind beautiful ranch with a menagerie of birds, horses, cows, goats, dogs, and cats)
FEE: $60 per person per class, plus 20% discount per family
EXPERIENCE: Non-artist to accomplished artist. The introductory class is a prerequisite to the 4-week class offered in late spring.
WHAT TO BRING: Wear layered clothing, protective shoes or boots. Bring lunch, water, a journal, any size sketch pad (large is good if you need to stretch your boundaries, inexpensive pads okay, we’ll be doing lots of sketching), and pencils, pens, crayons, or charcoal whatever you prefer (I personally love charcoal). Materials can be purchased at Racine’s in Fort Bragg. Tell them you are a student and they will give you a 10% discount. Beginners, talk to me.

Like climbing Mt. Everest, horses are challenging to sketch, but the rewards are intrinsic. In this class we will rely on different skills to capture the magnificence of the equine form and spirit,…as well as our own. We will use an irreverent approach to our art, stepping outside the box of our own artistic style and needs.

This is not a class about conventional or mechanical technique. The goal will be to let the horses take us deeper into ourselves in a spiritual sense and discover our own purpose and intuitive styles both in our lives and our art. As we follow their guidance, our equine guides will uncover delights we didn’t know we had hidden under our predetermined self perceptions.

The class is meant to be lighthearted and fun, but deep acting. We will use sketching and movement exercises to explore different ways of looking, seeing, and feeling the freedom of the moving equine forms, to engage our intuitive, to capture the equine spirit merged with our own, and to observe what the horses are reflecting to us about our soul and our own unique artistic style. There will be a strong thread of self discovery through our art, through the interaction with other artists, and through the inspiration of 5 horses. For more information, please contact me.

Equine Guides: Dollar, Shaman, Mariah, Amoura, and Kaheka
Interpreter/Facilitator: Beverly Smith

About: Beverly and The Herd:
Beverly, a 76 year old retired classroom instructor, artist, and writer, works with horses in non-traditional ways. After her first horse, Apolinaire, refused the traditional approach, she embarked on a path to learn directly from him and from each additional horse she rescued. Over the next 30 years she observed the spiritual connection between horse and human. The horses were the whisperers, and she became the interpreter of their language. Today Dollar, Shaman, Mariah, Amoura, and Kaheka still work with her and with other humans who choose to experience the transformational wisdom and healing these animals offer.

3 Class Offerings:
Sketching Horses Equine Guided (An Introductory Class) as described above, TBA.

*4-week Sketching Horses: TBA Basically same as Introductory Class but more in depth and with more understanding of the interaction with the horse(s). Each class builds on the prior one.

**A special outing for Grandmothers’ and Granddaughters’ (or mothers/daughters, sons, grandsons, fathers, grandfathers, you pick the combo), TBA.
This class came out of a suggestion by a grandmother who wanted to bring her granddaughter to the 4 week sketching class but was too much of a chunk. We scaled it down to one class and shortened it by at least an hour.  It is being offered as a special outing for adults and kids as partners and participants. It was designed for adults, but will be adjusted for the younger ones as needed, but not to assume they can’t grasp the more adult concepts. Remember that the horses are our guides in this class, so we may take a detour from the plan because that is where they are taking us.

The idea of this outing is for both to participate and have fun while learning. Can you imagine the delightful impact on your granddaughter to have you sketching along with her? If you are an adult and you feel you are not an artist, great! You may end up with the craziest, most unique and interesting drawing of a horse that the rest of us might envy. As a result, you will either be shyly surprised and pleased, or be cringing because it doesn’t look like you think it should. That is the affliction for all of us, the thinking and the shoulds! And that is what we will be working with, finding new perspectives and perceptions for all of us!

Permission for children under 8. For obvious safety reasons, we need children who are cooperative and careful around the horses. If you have a child who is not able to settle in and cooperate, talk to me and we can make a plan perhaps for a different time that will keep us all safe, but allow the child with less outside stimulation, an opportunity that could be a life changing experience for him or her with the horses.

**BONUS: Special pricing for class participants, $50 for a soft, non-detailed charcoal portrait of your grandchild with a horse from a photo. $150 for a more detailed charcoal sketch. Example of featured portrait can be seen at this link:

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