Horse Guided Personal/Spiritual Growth And Healing Sessions: Introduction

*Kaheka and Amoura”

“Our true nature is like a precious jewel: although it may be temporarily buried in mud, it remains completely brilliant and unaffected. We simply have to uncover it.” -Pema Chodron-

A small herd of rescue horses have become rescuers of human beings. They recognize that which is authentic in us.  They are amazing at clearing obstacles and entities that stand in the way of full release into our true nature that flows effortlessly. Being mystical beings themselves they sense in us our own mystical nature and find intriguing ways to uncover what has become buried through the years.

The horses often communicate through theatrics that have personal meaning to you. The sessions are non-riding, casual, and directed by the horses with or without fence in between.

If you would like some guidance through a tough spot, or ongoing support in finding new hidden treasures in yourself or polishing the familiar, want to discover your calling, or have some traumas, physical issues, or other life challenges to work through, please consider setting up a session with these horses to experience their art of healing and transformation. Their ultimate goal is to uncover the real and incredible person that you are and the mystical gifts you have to offer other humans.

We welcome those who are open to personal and spiritual growth, artists who want to explore new avenues in their medium whether visual, literary, or auditory; veterans and others struggling with PTSD; at-risk teenagers; those who have been molested or abused; and our eldering community with signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s; and anyone who is excited to explore their own personal value and are interested in uncovering their own mystical nature!

Horses restore in the human heart that which has seemingly been lost. They encourage us to linger a little bit longer in those brief moments of beauty and joy, peace, contentment, love, where answers to deep questions emerge about life, and transport us to a profound connection to ourselves, other humans, all of nature, and the earth itself. They tame our fears and set our spirits free.

About Beverly and The Herd:
Beverly, a 76 year old retired classroom instructor, artist, and writer, works with horses in non-traditional ways. After her first horse, Apolinaire, refused the traditional approach, she embarked on a path to learn directly from him and from each additional horse she rescued. Over the next 30+ years she learned the spiritual connection between horse and human. Some would call her a horse whisperer, but she believes that the horses are the whisperers, and she has become the interpreter of their language.

Meet the Herd:

The horses are in Manchester, CA.

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