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The Art Of Healing Through Portraiture:


Sketching Horses: Equine Guided, An Introductory Class



“You Talkin’ About Me?

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*Kaheka and Amoura”

Equine Guided Personal /Spiritual Growth And Healing Sessions:

Kaheka Boy: Divine Messenger

“…and the light overcomes the darkness”  charcoal drawing and photo by bev

Kaheka was running frantically around the pasture. He is a thoroughbred with great energy but this time I knew something was wrong. I started to panic (often my first response) but stopped myself from going there. Mentally I ran through my supportive script that I’ve collected over time reminding myself of truths that had been brought to me: Nothing will be given that we can’t handle. Check. We’ve been through this with Kaheka before and experienced a dramatic healing. Check. If this is colic I know what to do. Check. Face it head on, breathe and tune in. Check. Sigh.

A quieting confidence blanketed me. There is such a comforting surrender in stepping courageously into a situation with full awareness rather than running away and hiding in fear. I stood still and observed Kaheka as I tuned in, then invited him to come near me so we could interact. He went the opposite direction. Having learned that sometimes my horses prefer to take care of an issue on their own, as Kaheka had done a couple of years ago, I prepared to go back to my cabin across the road. I’d come back in awhile to reassess.

Before I could leave, Kaheka appeared at the gate close by. He was still hypervigilant. I walked over to him and put my hands out and did 60 seconds or less of energy work. He seemed restless and unreceptive but tried hard to accommodate me when everything in him wanted to run away.

At last, words were brought to my lips. “Kaheka, what energies are you intercepting and for whom?”  With that acknowledgement, Kaheka turned and walked with determined step, straightaway to a spot some distance away where he stopped on cue. There he stood as the heavens descended and cloaked him with a divine calm. He lowered his head to receive the crown for his work as a surrogate messenger. (Surrogate Messenger Parts 1- 5) He then stood motionless and fell into a trancelike sleep. Well done, faithful servant, they whispered.

He continued to sleep and awakened later. He peacefully grazed on pasture grasses in the good company of his herd as if nothing out of the ordinary had transpired. Such is the mystical life of a horse.

[The next day, I learned that my friend had indeed gone through a troubled time the day before. As a divinely appointed surrogate messenger, Kaheka had intercepted some of the energies that would have made it more difficult for her. He carried her once again so her transformation came with less effort and trauma.]