A Simple Nudge That Turns My Day Around

Dollar: a view that caught my eye one day. I love the flowing lines around muscle, and the warmth of his coat in the sunshine.
As I returned home after a Thanksgiving trip to join my son and his family for the holiday, I was feeling depressed that I hadn’t found a place to move the horses yet. As I entered the pasture area, Dollar, the head guy here, came up to me and quietly pressed his warm and soft muzzle into the back of my hand and held it there. It was the most alive, and soothing kiss I’ve ever received and brought me quickly out of my depression. He reminded me of the world of love beyond the material.
He’s so human sometimes. That’s not necessarily a compliment for him except for the fact that he knows how to speak my language.
Tonight, I had another brief moment with him. I’d had a troublesome human to human conversation and had lost my spiritual connection. Dollar sauntered by and gently nudged me on my leg, and as he continued moving past me, turned his head back to look at me and check my response. His equine gesture felt like a reassuring human squeeze that said , “Stay cool. You’re okay.”
The acknowledgments from this sentient being are remarkable. They often come as a surprise to me when I’m too consumed by my own “stuff” to even acknowledge him. Walking past him with my eyes glazed over, he snaps me back to awareness in such a gentle way with his nudges. He draws me deep into the heart of love, and turns my day around.
For those of you who would like to participate in the wellbeing of these 5 rescue horses, and support their healing work, https://www.gofundme.com/kaheka2016

Kaheka on the Move

20160819_103631                         Kaheka

The whole herd is on the move. Literally. We are relocating in a few days to a small ranch with a lovely homestead feeling. And it’s for sale! I’ve always envisioned an opportunity like this. Depending on how things evolve this is either a temporary stay on our way to a more permanent place or this will become our permanent place as the magic kicks in. That is my desire. And the magic is working lately even in finding this place.

Revision: Since writing the above post, the magic has taken us on a detour at the last minute. We have not moved to our dream place after all, but maybe there is something better, or maybe something will change and we can buy it or find a buyer that would lease to us. In the meantime we are still on the move, and need a place now. Time is of the essence.

I am including in this post a link to our Gofundme site that a young and supportive friend set up on behalf of the horses all of whom have been rescued; and myself, and not to exclude Henii, the rescued Airedale mix). We are in transition and would welcome support for feed and care of the horses for a few months until the vision becomes self sustaining. This would be a “bridge” like entrepreneurs use during a start up.

We also need funds for trailering the 5 equine beauties, as a friend calls them. If you are inspired to be a part of our journey by contributing or by prayers in whatever way you do that, we would be grateful.



Compassion: A Divine Channel


As he drove by the scene of a recent automobile accident, my husband at that time caught the bewildered face of a child peering through the backseat window of one of the damaged cars. He seemed so tiny, so alone and vulnerable in the aftermath of the collision even though it was minor. Adults were outside busily attending to the details and deciding what was next, a bit rattled and too busy to think about this little guy who in their minds was tucked safely away in the car. In truth he was drenched in anxiety, his own and theirs.

My husband had felt helpless, he told me, as he gestured with his hand on his heart. There were enough adults nervously scurrying around so it seemed one more wouldn’t solve anything, especially a stranger and the social constraints when interacting with a child. He drove on by, continuing on home. For the next 20 minutes, he kept replaying the child’s anxious face in his mind.

At times like these when for valid reasons I feel helpless, there is an action I’ve learned to take if I am not able to do something physically to help. I identify that helpless feeling as compassion confined and restrained, swirling around internally seeking an outlet or some gateway out of its prison so it can accomplish its goal. To do its work. To help in some way. I experience it as a feeling of unrest and often as a painful ache as it squeezes against my heart.

The action we can take with or without a physical expression is to recognize that the feeling itself carries healing and once released it has the power to bring change in the circumstance that aroused it. For me it is like opening a gate for a horse and allowing it to run freely toward its destination. I have learned that as I open my heart to the feeling of wanting to do something but not knowing what or simply not being able, I literally send the feeling of compassion to the person or circumstance in need. I allow the compassion to do its work mystically. I find that it leaves me with an inner calm and an assurance that my compassion contributed to the needs of the situation perhaps in ways I may never know.

When famous race driver, Ayrton Senna, from Brazil had his fatal crash in front of the world, I looked on as the TV cameras played and replayed the accident. Since it was the same tape, obviously nothing changed though we kept hoping for it. Moments would go by and because of race track safety rules no one could go to him immediately. Seeing that over and over, his sitting in his demolished car and not one human being going to him, I felt agony deep in my soul that he, whether or not still alive, was alone. My compassion caused my heart to ache with excruciating unrest over the next few days. I was perplexed. There was nothing I could do. I didn’t even know him, but had learned that he was well loved and known by his country as a caring person. Finally, even though by then the event had happened days before, I released my compassion to fly freely and to join countless others to accompany him into eternal time. My soul was filled with quiet. The work had been accomplished. Peacefulness blanketed me.

Having grown up Christian, I was well aware of the work of Jesus. One day as an adult, I became aware that in almost every account of Jesus’ healing, he first felt compassion. It was then that I began to understand it as an active healing energy that is sourced in the divine. It has made a significant difference in transforming my own feelings of helplessness caused by trapped compassion, to releasing it into its power. In doing so we become channels for divine healing and our souls can find their restfulness knowing all is well. We have been a divine channel.