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This is a sojourn in a world where horses breathe into the human spirit and wipe the dust off the holy grail in each human soul. Leading the way is one very wise and regal horse named Apolinaire with his traveling companions and tools—his herd, one dog, all the wildness of nature that surrounds us, and the artistic expressions of human imaginations.

The horses have come to the ranch with their own crosses to bear. Some were abused, a few have physical issues, others were labeled no longer of use…but they do not remain victims. All have found their way here for something more important, fulfillment of a new purpose. They have come to be the “main act” in the unfolding exploration of the spiritual interactions between horses and humans.

Though they have frequent contact with me and other humans, they have been allowed to live as freely as possible as domesticated animals, with minimal human dominance. Riding is not important with this herd at this time. They have taught me that the less we impose our will on theirs the more cooperative they become, not in order to serve the human will but to find mutual purpose and synchronicity. Living in this atmosphere of freedom and mutual respect, the mystical qualities attributed to the horse through history are revived and flourish once again in an environment that allows and acknowledges their spiritual gifts.

These horses who have been rescued have become rescuers. They restore in the human heart that which has seemingly been lost. They call us to live from our spirits, allowing the divine and the supernatural to merge with the ordinary events of daily life. They call us to linger a little bit longer in those brief moments of joy, peace, contentment, love, and ecstasy that spontaneously find ways into our lives; those deeply personal gateways into the mystical.

Individual Horses:



Patriarch of this herd and my first horse when I was in my 40’s. Sadly, he died in 2017. We still feel his presence as leader of the herd that he brought together over the years, one at a time. He is the wise one. I would often solve a personal relationship issue after being with him.

He was sometimes first to greet a visiting human, and then would direct a particular horse to work with the client. He taught me how to listen, and to literally stand beside him or one of the other horses in silence with no agenda, no sketching, no writing, no talking; just being there with awareness, feeling, and without distractions. Very powerful!

Death and Dying:
In Life, in Beauty, and in Death: https://wp.me/p5KgD-JA



Kaheka means “tidepool” in Hawaiian. Like a tidepool our true beauty is often camouflaged. Kaheka unveils that beauty which is hidden in us and is a profound dream giver. He is a compassionate herd member taking care of any horse that is ailing in some way. Kaheka is one of the most powerful in the herd in the work that he does of unveiling our authenticity, who we really are under our learned facades.

Deeper Work:
Intercepting and carrying physically human emotional and spiritual struggles:

Tuning In To the Whisperings: https://themystichorsechronicle.wordpress.com/2019/03/01/tuning-in-to-the-whisperings/


Chief Shaman Tal

Chief Shaman Tal is a Shaman and a comforter, a teddy bear disguised as a large horse. People love to bury their heads in his neck, smell his sweet horsey breath, and sink their lips into his soft muzzle.

He is drawn to people who are grieving. He dissipates disharmonious energies and also takes us deeper into our authenticity and merges our moments of pure joy from years gone by with fresh and new experiences now as we become more aware of our spiritual selves.

He is very affectionate. Guests have had profound connections when looking into his eyes, in particular his left eye which is blind.

Deeper Work:
Shaman Tal worked with a client’s fear by wedging himself behind a tree so client had the protection of the tree as she reached through the V in the trunk to massage him. He periodically stepped out and stood face to face with her without the tree protection, then back again behind tree. Story here: fear and curiosity, https://wp.me/p5KgD-rI

Shaman and Me:
Brought me a life changing epiphany. Story here: https://themystichorsechronicle.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/journey-into-surrender-part-7-perhaps-its-not-surrender-after-all/



Mystic Mariah, the wind. She radiates transformation with her eyes, brings laughter, and challenges us to move beyond our inhibitions to experience the unseen world.

Free and agile with her body like a teenage dancer, does things with flair. Throws a pile of hay with her head (not only her own pile, but everyone elses!). One time she mischievously threw it on a 4 year old visitor. As he stood with hay dripping off of him, he laughed heartily bringing a contagious and joyful laughter to all of us. Sometimes she will approach me when I am in the middle of a sketch, then, showing focused attention, steps closer and using her lips will erase the whole sketch I am working on. I throw my head back and laugh.

Playful healing:
Four-legged Flower Child:
https://themystichorsechronicle.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/4-legged-flower-child/ short Or short link: https://wp.me/p5KgD-nG

Goofy Mariah, Divine Comedienne:

Deeper Work:
There Is A Reason: https://themystichorsechronicle.wordpress.com/2016/09/19/there-is-a-reason/



Amoura means love. She bridges the gap between the worlds, is compassionate and releases the impacts of grief and abuse having been abused herself. She is drawn to humans who have residual or stuck grief, and teaches much about love.
Although skittish from her own violent mistreatment, silently appears when a human is dealing with an emotional issue.

Deeper Work:
Love story: https://themystichorsechronicle.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/my-love-affair-with-amoura/

Introducing the herd: Amoura: https://themystichorsechronicle.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/introducing-the-herd-amoura/



Recently died. Dollar was interim head guy. He was the money man and dealt with our money issues, revealed where we bully and suppress ourselves, was supportive and has been known to point to a chakra that needs attention. He was totally devoted to an Alzheimer’s client, staying nearby on her regular visits (see photos above).

I am deeply indebted to Dollar. He has transformed my life and was the catalyst to my coming out of the closet with my own gifts and story. He freed me from an inner skeptic that was blocking me, and he revealed a metaphysical gift that I didn’t realize I had.
Years ago, he initiated healing from my childhood molestation.

Liked to nudge affectionately. Nudged me last night several times after a rocky time with each other for the last couple of days. He then stood close and invited me for a hug.

Playful Healing:
Nudging: https://themystichorsechronicle.wordpress.com/2016/12/14/a-simple-nudge-that-turns-my-day-around/

Equine Kissing Game: https://themystichorsechronicle.wordpress.com/2016/08/29/equine-kissing-game/

Deeper Work:
Most Profound healing: https://themystichorsechronicle.wordpress.com/2018/12/09/30-years-to-learn-the-equine-art-of-healing/



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