About: The Horse That Whispers Back, A Little History

A Little History:
Many years ago I received the nudging to take my notebook and pen to the pasture, and sit with my horse and write. I had no idea what. I started by asking questions of him and was surprised at the responses I seemed to be getting.

That was a new beginning for Apolinaire and me. I pulled him out of conventional training for the 3rd and final time after he shut down at a dressage show, and he and I embarked on a path that took us into uncharted territory. I was without traditional horse training, and he, fortunately was fed up with that world. He became my whisperer, and I, the listener, and learned from him on our spiritual journey together.

As we’ve evolved over the past 25 years, he has drawn 8 other horses into our lives, each with their own unique story to share. Through years of observation and personal experience, I have learned that these horses engage in personalized theatrics which not only give information in the way that dream symbols might, but literally change us as we allow.

One time, a friend visited who had just lost her husband. Apolinaire, stepped up and greeted her across the fence. Her energy was very intense and I could see Apolinaire wince when she touched his head. I asked him to show her where he’d rather be touched. Immediately he moved forward and I expected him to stop where she could stroke his side or rear end which would be less sensitive. Instead he kept moving in a beautiful choreographed swirl and gently ushered another horse into place next to her. It was Shaman Tal. He is a giant-sized teddy-bear horse who presents himself when someone is grieving or is needing to be calmed. The perfect choice for this woman. Apolinaire then stepped away and positioned himself in a way to block another horse, a thoroughbred, whose energy would have been too much for our friend. Tal did his comforting work which helped her to become more peaceful. She shared later that her depression had lifted, she had relaxed and slept well that night.

Purpose of the Herd:
The horses will respond to what is going on with us in the moment as shared in the story above, but some of their most profound work which prompts more complex theatrics, happens when they are taking us deeper into ourselves to the core of who we are as spiritual beings. They not only bring clarity to our purpose or calling but beckon us to follow it, revealing our own unique spiritual gifts and talents along the way, and sharpening our intuition. We are ultimately immersed in the fresh pools of our own authenticity and vitality. The horses not only reveal but also release that which entangles us, taming our fears and setting our spirits free.
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