Problems With Your Horse?

“You Talkin’ About Me?

I can help.

Horses can’t text! They have their own ways of communicating with us. They may manifest disturbing behaviors that are annoying, repetitive, unexpected, unusual, or even dangerous. Sometimes unexplainable health issues or even those that are diagnosed may be your horse’s way of communicating something more than the obvious. These behaviors, emotional responses, or physical problems are their only language when we aren’t able to intuit or listen directly.

Often I am referred to as a horse whisperer; however, though I may be that, I consider myself a horse listener. I listen and interpret the language of horses. The horses are the remarkable whisperers.

The following is a link to a story about a horse named Glory who was trying to warn me about a health issue:

$120 includes initial 2 hr visit and 1 hour follow up visit
$45 each follow up visit (up to 5)

Horses restore in the human heart that which has seemingly been lost. They encourage us to linger a little bit longer in those brief moments of beauty and joy, peace, contentment, love, where answers to deep questions emerge about life, and transport us to a profound connection to ourselves, other humans, all of nature, and the earth itself. They tame our fears and set our spirits free.

About Beverly and The Herd:

Beverly, a 76 year old retired classroom instructor, artist, and writer, works with horses in non-traditional ways. After her first horse, Apolinaire, refused the traditional approach, she embarked on a path to learn directly from him and from each additional horse she rescued. Over the next 25 years she learned the spiritual connection between horse and human. Some would call her a horse whisperer, but she believes that the horses are the whisperers, and she became the interpreter of their language.

Please contact me for more information and/or to schedule a session for a home visit with you and your horse, or a telephone consultation.

Beverly, Interpreter/Communicator
The Language of Horses
…An Intuitive Approach



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