A Candle is Burning


Tonight I’m wanting to cozily curl up and write about me. I want to go inward with myself. So while the weather outside is nasty, inside there is heat; and warm foods are cooking on the stove. The horses have all been fed. Henii, my airedale mix, is on her perch which is up one step from where I am sitting. She is drying out as she slumbers with one eye open. I just ladled myself some hot red lentil soup, a spoonful of brown rice still steaming, and a touch of mayonnaise to make it creamy. I’m tucked in lovely tonight. The lights are dim, a candle is burning. I shall write.

10 thoughts on “A Candle is Burning

  1. I know, Patricia, I thought about that when I posted, but the writing was too personal. I have an idea, though. Since you are such an incredible writer, would you and maybe others out there, care to write what you’d hoped to read when you hunkered down? I can post it on a page to my blog. If that doesn’t appeal, perhaps you would let me know what you’d like me to write about? Thanks for being such a faithful follower!


    1. I like to hear about you; thoughts, feelings, challenges etc. Like the stories your horses teach you. But no worries. I am nosy! And like to read about you, but if and only you feel like it and want to. I understand.
      Thank you for the compliment!


      1. I was realizing that after your first post and I’ve been pondering it, even thinking about what I could write. I am going through an extremely intense time in my life and there is definitely more I could share so I’m going to work on a post today. You are a good role model. We’ll see what comes out of me. Thank you so much for your input, actually for nudging me forward.

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  2. I meant it is a tough time. Thanks for the thoughts. I’m working on a post that is pretty revealing for me anyway. I’m sitting with it to see if I can actually post it. We’ll see.


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