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IMG_7619Apolinaire, 3o something

I’m on a mystical journey with my six horses and one dog. This is a chronicle of the journey as I explore and experience first hand the spiritual connection between horse and human, and the surprising healing that ensues. These writings focus on true stories of unconventional spiritual interactions between the horses and myself as well as clients that come to the ranch. Included are musings that come in moments of inspiration or silliness, and the intermingling of nature and the arts which are integral to the spiritual experiences here as the horses do their transformational work.

I am 72 and entered the world of horses for the first time when I was almost 50 after a teaching career, and raising two sons. One remarkable horse, Apolinaire, found his way to me at a ranch where I had just begun riding lessons. He changed my life. We both failed miserably at the traditional approach in the world of horses, and eventually left it behind.

With Apolinaire as the guide, and I not having a clue as to where we were headed, we embarked on a path together into uncharted territories. Over the years we were joined by seven other horses, two of them now with us in spirit only. It all started with my sitting daily near Apolinaire in the pasture with paper and pen. I would write questions and then wonder at the thoughts that would come to mind in response. Twenty-five years later to the present, some would call me a horse whisperer, but I would call myself a horse listener and interpreter. I have learned that the horses are the whisperers. I do not consider them my children nor my pets, but rather my teachers, my gurus, and my traveling companions in a living allegory.

Historically, horses have been recognized as mystical beings. I have discovered that they take us places where intuitions are not only honored but essential, where ordinary moments become extraordinary, extraordinary moments become ordinary, and synchronicity becomes the norm. They’ve taught me to linger a little bit longer in those moments of indescribable feeling that comes when looking into a beautiful sunset, when coming around the bend on a hike to a special spot in the woods, or when my dog acknowledges me briefly by softly touching me with her nose as she passes by. These are the sensations that bring us home to our soul and its purpose, and to our divine nature in everyday living, all gateways to the mystical.

I get glimpses of living in a familiar world much akin to the C.S. Lewis’ Narnia, bringing new perspectives to ordinary daily life as the two worlds merge. The horses have lured me past the boundaries of convention, through the “wardrobe closet” and into the world beyond. I’ve often felt like a human child under their protective yet respectful tutorage, my caretakers for a time, as they teach me the ways of the mystical world where they dwell. To offer their messages, they often engage theatrics individually or as a herd, acting out something meaningful.

One of their theatrics repeats only occasionally when we are walking together in the pasture. The herd will unpredictably and without prompting stop at an open gate before entering. They wait for me to catch up, insist that I lead the way through as they line up and walk behind me. Sweetly humbling for me, and with my cheeks coloring slightly from shyness, I feel transported to that Narnia-like world as a single ribbon of six large horses follows deliberately behind. It is their tender but powerful way of honoring with recognition this human child who has joined them on a mystical journey for mutual purpose and healing. As messengers of the divine, they are the ones who lead the way.




10 thoughts on “About This Blog, Blogging 101

    1. Thank you, Leefeller. You are welcome to come for a horse hug anytime. The other day, Dollar, my quarter horse, was hugging the young man who helps at the ranch while he was trying to repair a fence. He loved it, but thought Dollar’s timing could have been better!

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      1. Oh good, Leefeller! Be sure to post it on your blog site with your other paintings, http://piousunyn.com/ Why don’t you come for a visit and you can paint a horse or horses en plein air. I’ll paint with you and you can give me some good tips. Beverly


  1. That was so beautifully written. I guess having a farm and horses will go on my wish list too. I love horses, well I love nature it is soothing, relaxing and inspiring. Your words also inspire.


    1. Donna, Thank you for such a lovely comment. I always love to hear about people’s wishes, and especially about your wish that includes horses. I went on your blog, http://dadojodest.wordpress.com, and found your Miracle story rich with life and love. I was very touched. I wrote you a comment on your site but for some reason it didn’t work. I need to learn how to leave comments, silly me. In exploring your blog, I can tell that you are a woman of great depth and it is my delight that you came my way.

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