Walking on Mud


(I’m on a mystical journey with my six horses and one dog. For many years most of my other worldly experiences have been emotionally and spiritually based, a special feeling or perception that comes when an ordinary moment becomes extraordinary and extraordinary moments become ordinary. On some occasions there have been physical miracles mostly with my horses that came about simultaneously with a spiritual shift. Those have been surprises evolving from the growth process. The following is written somewhat playfully, and may seem even frivolous. In reality, I’m quite serious about experiencing the fullness of our divine powers that move us forward in challenging life circumstances and call us beyond acceptance into divine action.)

If Jesus could walk on water, why can’t I walk on mud?! Out of necessity! Yesterday I was sinking up to mid calf with each step as I walked in the pasture. A few times I almost landed full body in the sloppy mess. Snapshots flashed through my mind of being coated with mud like a chocolate bunny and I could hear the crowd cheering! My torso moved forward but both feet were abruptly planted as they were sucked, then rooted underground. Somehow magically I regained my balance and the recovery from a sure fall was exhilarating.

I decided to try to walk on mud. There was no one around to laugh at me except my 6 equine friends but they always seem intrigued with my experiments. One of them seems to have mastered it himself. He’s a thoroughbred off the race track and he stretches out his long legs and flies above the deep mud at top speed with water splashing in all directions. That obviously wouldn’t work for me so I tried another tactic.

I started to focus on the feeling of my feet connecting to the earth below me, allowing the earth to support me. I was surprised that as long as I could hold that focus, I was able to walk through the mud somewhat effortlessly. Not 100% but so much better. I learned not to look where I was walking, an act of faith that at first clutched for my breath. My eyes looked up the pasture, but my inner eyes were focused on the feeling of connection beneath my feet. I was intrigued with how much more easily I could walk through the mud without getting stuck or sinking. Whenever my mind would drift which was often, the walking became a chain-gang drudgery. I would go under like Peter when he got out of the boat to walk on water. Jesus afterwards, with a twinkle in his eye I suspect, teased him for not having enough faith. He knew full well the pitfalls or in this case the mudfalls. He must have been pleased that at least Peter tried. When I regained the feeling of connectedness to the ground my feet found easier steps without my looking.

This experiment was fairly successful if nothing more than relieving some of the torment of slogging through the mud to deliver a bale and a half of hay, two flakes at a time. Staying focused was hard work and with the next trek into the pasture, I was tempted to abandon the project. Necessity ruled, however, and I returned over and over again to focusing on “feeling” the earth. It seemed to help, but there must be an easier way. I’m determined to find it.

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