Shadow Delight

[edited from a stream of consciousness writing]
There is a ball of chaos, of wiry tangle inside of me this morning.  It threatens to engulf me in despair, but today I’m making a choice not to go there. Instead I see it as promise. How could it possibly be? I sense there is some hidden mystery that lurks unseen, a treasure to be discovered. I wonder what unusual living yarns I’ll discover for the eternal weaving of my life, and what is held wrapped this morning in soft cashmere? It is something that exists within me that I have not yet met.  I write as I’m experiencing.

My attention is drawn to a large armoire near my bed. The morning sun and shadow have created the image of a rose bush that resides just outside my bedroom window. It is quivering with excitement as the wind teases it. I now see the face of a baby deer in this fluid form that plays with me. Yes, it is a fawn. The shadow moves in such a way that its mouth, nose, eye and ears are expressing themselves. Who are you beautiful being and what are you telling me? I can’t wait to discover what healing you bring. Thank you for tapping my mystical imagination and gracing my life this morning. The dark shadow that hovered over me when I awakened has now turned into a playful shadow that brings me delight. You’ve rescued me from myself.

2 thoughts on “Shadow Delight

  1. HI Bev, I’m learning where to look for e-mails like yours…finally! This one is to the point and beautiful: down to UP in a couple of paragraphs. Great! John


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