Gifts for the Soul: Meditation in the Pasture

It is 10 PM.  I’m at the barn across the road from the western waters, letting my old guy out of his eating paddock for the night. The sky has a soft glow as it awaits the moon to crest the hill behind us. I walk into the pasture where the other five  horses are scattered, some sleeping, some eating.

Shaman Tal is sprawled on the ground peacefully and I can hear him snoring. He is feeling safe and free of discomfort for these moments of blissful sleep. Goose bumps dart through my body like a giggle and tickle my stomach for the joy of it. I stop to merge with the feelings as my eyes mist and my lips smile in spontaneity. I linger as unusually warm November air laps at my face.

Finally I move further across the pasture, and Kaheka who is being very affectionate these days stretches his head in my direction and gives me five kisses with his soft, silky muzzle. Then Apolinaire, the wise old-one, offers me one rare kiss and scolds me when I ask for more.

Higher in the pasture, in the dim night light I can see the long expanse of horizon where ocean meets sky. I notice how quiet the waters are tonight with only a playful splashing from somewhere in the distance. This is my new home. I had never thought I could replace the beauty of my former, but it has been equaled if not surpassed. Welcome, my soul.

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