Merging With Life

The cement block is cold on my rear end, but it is a place to sit and write while I wait for the horses to finish their supplement. The pressurized water system buzzes in my ear, and traffic nearby with constant whooshing override the soothing sounds of the ocean. All vie for my attention. In the midst is the tweeting of the barn swallows, and a soft vibrating twitter from unnamed birds in the distance. The horses are munching and chewing with occasional shuffling as they reassemble themselves around the hay piles. Three strands of my hair silently wave like miniature flags in front of my face. I sit here and notice as a gentle euphoria holds my spirit in suspension, feeling manmade noises merging with the music of nature.

This is a metaphor for my life. Most of it is flowing and inspired. Some part is still an open doorway for fear and panic that flashes a neon sign seducing me to “come in.”  That small portion is manmade stuff. Noise. Interference. Time and again I think I’ve conquered the giants of resistance only to have them loom again like Darth Vadar in a Star Wars movie. But the tide is shifting. Life is swirling like the ocean waters as all parts of my life merge into one, overpowered by a beautiful new rhythm that can’t be stopped.


2 thoughts on “Merging With Life

    1. “Further in and higher up!” to quote C.S. Lewis from his Narnia, Book 7. I read it years ago and have never forgotten. Thanks for your responses to my blog post, Alex. I went on your site and found it pleasantly genuine and refreshing. -Beverly


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