Weakening Bullies

ink drawing by erick moreau
ink drawing by erick moreau

As a  bully’s power weakens, it comes in a group to prop itself up…a last ditch effort to survive. According to script, three human bullies arrived at the barnyard gate soon after I pulled in with hay. I was amazed at their fearful inability to stand alone though their facade was stern and scolding. It was at first intimidating until I realized it took three of them to confront me. I was intrigued at how petty their issue was that had all the appearances of harassment.

I stood trembling in body and voice from the surprise of it all, but strong in spirit and purpose. Having nothing to hide, I said what was true, not eloquently, but I spoke it. The bullies rolled their eyes at each other and laughed mockingly in that junior high way. No matter whether or not they received it, I stood firm in my own internal power of truth, and in my new uncharacteristic boldness in taking actions on behalf of the welfare of the animals in my care even if it meant risking retaliation from a bully.

As I later drove away. I laughed at the silliness of human drama. I ran experimental tapes in my mind of the many things I could have said that would have smartly put them down and stopped them in their tracks, but such is not my style. There was nothing wrong with non-embellished truth. I had taken another step toward liberation of my soul as I walked into the healing offered a few weeks before while soaking in the moonlight with my amazing horses.

To distract my mind from obsessing, I turned on the radio. The words of the song that was playing, “This will never happen again, this will never happen again.” I was drawn into dialogue with the singer coming through the airwaves. “What won’t happen again?” I yelled over and over as I giggled, and the song answered over and over,  “This will never happen again.”

The next day, I had another powerful synchronicity which launched me forward in my life. It slyly shunted me away in a fancy limousine of the imagination. With foot to the pedal I left the bullies in the dust far behind and out of mind.

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