Angel Bully

Sometimes it takes the physical realm time to catch up to spiritual shifts. As I stood that night with my two horses (Soaking in the Light of the Moon) when I shed the last cloak of old abuse patterns, I knew my life had changed. However, the habit of abusive circumstances still continues as it loses power like an engine running out of gasoline.

Yesterday left me with bruises and briar scratches, but my voice awakened. It started with my holding ground with a new acquaintance in my life. She is an angel in a terrible disguise. Her facade has been frightening, dressed in bold and stomach wrenching colors with jagged designs but all imprinted on backgrounds of lovely pastels. I sat in the briars of fearfulness peering through openings as I tried to avoid encounter. But I was forced out into the open, standing face to face with this wretched being whose rays of light illuminated the cracks in her bully facade and her pastels became vibrant.

I regained my youth and my freedom as I dared to speak up to another harsh and powerful human in my life who in truth has a heart of gold under her thorny camouflage.

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