Introducing the Herd: Amoura



She named herself. It had come in a flash. I’m terrible with names, but one night I knew what hers was to be and at the same time, learned her primary gift. Amoura. Love. I never questioned where it came from. I just knew. It was she who had told me.

Amoura’s style is no-nonsense, her messages, I’ve come to know, are quick, succinct, and “no further comment”. She had told me shortly after she arrived here that Tal needed his name changed (it’s now Shaman Tal) and Kaheka had a little girl entity on him. The messages had come so fast and with such clarity, I did a double take, still getting use to animals talking. I couldn’t ignore that I had just heard from her. But that was it, no further information, no idle chit chat.

She leaves me with figuring it out. Her message about Kaheka was interesting because it was during this time when numerous people referred to him as her, including myself. Even his given name I found a little feminine. Kaheka later came to me in a dream and gave me more information.

Amoura walks away from me when I don’t quite understand something. She’s not intending rudeness, she just doesn’t have time for my floundering. She gives an impatient shrug and with her head flung high, indicates “Forget it. Another time”.

In contrast, lately she has been hanging out with me more than usual, following me from place to place, not always, and not enough to feel her a nuisance, but enough to enjoy her. Tonight we had a special interaction just outside the barn. I did some energy work on her with my hands, nothing fancy, no certification required, just following the lead of the horse and my hands.

After some exploration I was unsure where to focus. True to her style, she started directing the bodywork. Moving herself around so that I was standing near her neck, Amoura stepped close to me indicating she wanted me to touch her rather than holding my hands at a distance as I frequently do. After a few minutes she curled her neck away from me so that it was beautifully curved and felt wonderful to my hands. This brought back memories of a prior time that I had done energy work around her neck and shoulder.

Amoura had come to me that day showing some lameness. I experimented with the side that seemed to have the problem. As I reached my hands out toward her, I felt lots of buzzing and even heat in her neck. She softly bonked me with her head like Apolinaire does when affirming me and saying “good job”, and then licked and chewed with satisfaction. I did some energetic work and then she walked 10 feet away and stood and looked back at me. I sensed she wanted me to stay at that distance. I used my hands for awhile from afar, but the motivation to continue subsided which I’ve learned to trust. I sensed I should stand in her presence and she in mine at the distance she had determined for whatever her reason.

I felt a sadness come over me and absentmindedly assumed it was mine. It must have been her impatience that jolted me back to the understanding that it was her sadness that she was sharing with me. She had come to the ranch with her buddy, Dollar. They had been best friends, just the two of them at another ranch. Once here, he had abandoned her for new friends and had become almost intolerant of her. It made me sad. I knew it was hers. When I finally got it, she affectionately bonked me.

Tonight as I stood stroking her neck and remembering, she repositioned herself so I would use my hands from a distance. She yawned and yawned indicating a significant release, another healing. I was grateful, and so was she.

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