The Horse Who Couldn’t Swallow, Part III


Day 2, Dollar was still not swallowing, but still there was no distress on his part…only on mine.

After greeting him in the morning, he walked beside me, escorting me back to the barn from the pasture. He momentarily diverted to the side, lifted his tail and pooped. I knew it was done purposefully in my presence showing me that part was functioning. Or in retrospect I wondered if he were telling me something more. No matter the message, I felt a soothing wave of renewed hope that Dollar would be alright.

By Day 3, there was still no change. Though I’d been in consultations, I decided it was time for the vet to visit. First, I called a friend who has followed me on my journey with the horses over the years and knew of the remarkable healings that have come along the way. As I was picking up the phone to call her, all six horses returned from the far pasture. All were lined up at the water trough for a good long drink. All, I noticed, except Dollar. It was a warm day. I felt sadness and heaviness in my chest.

My friend is good with metaphors. After hearing of Dollar’s inability to swallow and knowing the abusive circumstances that were pressing in on my life, she laughed and flippantly said in a metaphor that was reversed, “You don’t have to swallow Vivian’s stuff anymore!” (a friend in my life who had become very retaliatory). The revelation took my breath away. She continued, “and you don’t have to swallow Larry’s stuff (a relationship I’d left behind that had also become retaliatory), “nor your uncle’s stuff” (the offender). You’re done with that,” she said definitively. We laughed with the idea of it. Done with it! The words felt delicious to my soul. I no longer had to swallow their intrusions, their misperceptions, or the spin they were putting on my life. I was free. Like a helium filled balloon with a string that dangled, mischievously taunting my accusers, I floated upward just out of reach, moving onward and away.

Within minutes of this spontaneous liberation, and with phone still in my hand, Dollar walked casually by me, swinging his tail and whistling a secret tune to himself. Silly guy! Without hesitation, he headed for the water trough and started drinking as if nothing had ever been wrong. He stood so I could see his throat move up and down, up and down with each swallow! I yelled into the phone, “He’s drinking! He’s swallowing!” And before I was finished speaking, he started to chew on the grasses close by, eating—and swallowing. I wanted to fly into the blue sky above. This had all unfolded while we spoke. As the insight blossomed, so did the manifestation.

Then, as final punctuation, Dollar went out into the pasture and stood where I could barely see him under the branches of a lush tree and he peed! The whole cycle was working…or had he been drinking all along behind my back?

It took me many weeks to apply the lesson he had given me, that I was free from my past and I didn’t have to “swallow” unreasonable demands nor hurtful treatment anymore. I did not need to sell my soul for the enticing charm that had been offered along with the abuse! No more swallowing!

The day abounded with celebration of new life as the world of nature responded… (continue to end of story, Part IV)

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