Healing in the Ordinary Moments


Apolinaire had been showing some physical discomfort. I paused nearby and asked if there were something I could do. Immediately, a red-tailed hawk called from overhead, and a butterfly fluttered around me. While I recognized these synchronicities, I saw no manifestation of relief for him and felt frustration.

A friend reminded me that these synchronicities were more than just messages. They were actual healing moments. I asked the divine for another chance. The next day, I stood with Apolinaire during his discomfort wishing for another red-tailed hawk and a butterfly, but seldom is there a literal replay for me.

Apolinaire quietly whispered to me that healing was even in the ordinary moments, like the tweet, tweeting of the swallows overhead. My awareness shifted to hearing the music of the birds in the rafters of the barn and in the surrounding pasture. I was immediately lost in a symphony of sound. My heart spontaneously expanded to all of nature, the land, the trees, the horses. All of life became wildly alive and pulsating. Instantly, Apolinaire fell into one of the deepest sleeps I’ve witnessed with any of the horses. His breathing was deep and beautiful. He had been transported into deep comfort and rest by the thriving life of healing that is always there for us with an invitation to simply receive.

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