“The Neon Light”: A Synchronicity

Very angry, I was spinning nasty email responses in my head to the offender as I maneuvered my car through midday traffic. Clutching the steering wheel tightly, impatient to get home so I could pound out my justifiable but inflammatory message on my keyboard, I was stuck behind a vehicle that wasn’t moving. It was an SUV with its license plate nearly at eye level, literally staring me in the face. “PLNT JOY” it read like a neon light. Plant Joy!

I both laughed and cringed at the same time still holding onto my anger. It was the same message my 4-legged Shaman Tal had been giving me this past month. In fact, I sneaked a quick look around wondering to whom else he had been whispering.

There was a brief struggle between my intended angry response that fed feelings of exhileration and on the flip side, I was quietly wondering what planting joy would look like in this situation. I resolved it by speaking about the infraction in a tone that was less inflammatory. The results were rewarding, and interesting opportunities to plant joy have been arising since then, even in the form of a budding rose from my garden placed on a doorstep.

The message, I believe, is deeper than bringing random acts of joy to others which is indeed a fulfilling experience. But Tal seems to be nudging me to that place of not only giving it, but receiving it deeply into my soul, dwelling in the garden of joy.

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