Breaking the Rules: Mystical Moments

It’s been a tough time in my life. Today was one of the lowest. From the beginning I’d had a stressful morning and was late leaving for the barn. As I closed the door to my cabin and headed up the driveway to take care of the horses, I noticed that Heni, my Airedale and Australian Shepherd mix, was missing. After a few calls and no response, I couldn’t deal with it and went on to the barn knowing she would come back to the cabin at some point. I didn’t even have the energy to be upset.

Feeling dejected I went through the gate into the front paddock area of the barn with my head hanging down. Such a drama queen sometimes! I walked mindfully toward the barn and then stopped in my tracks. There was my dog, Heni, lying in the spring sunshine next to the barn like a miniature lioness regally “doing her job”. How she’d made it across the road and through the fence I have no idea.

I went into a brief internal conflict because in my mind, she had run away and I don’t look kindly on that, but the truth was it felt really good seeing her there. It was more than relief, it was something different. I felt strongly that she was right where she belonged. She was there on my behalf when I wasn’t functioning so well, and she was there, “at home”, taking care of her horses. I paused and let go of my authoritative side and enjoyed the bliss of the moment.

She’d decided to do what she needed to do at the risk of getting into trouble. As I work spiritually with the horses and with Heni, I’ve been learning to trust those moments when I get the home feeling even when they’ve stepped outside of my rules for them.

All day today I lingered in the joy of the moment that took me to the other world where life with our animals is not rigidly locked into “should” or “should nots”. A place that allows for manifestations that are extraordinary and transcendent.

We must be mindful that the new spiritual awareness we have been discussing is a balance between our rational and intuitive selves. We aren’t discarding our hard-won powers of rational discernment, rather, we are bringing them into balance with the higher part of our being. In this way we are entering a universe that provides a constant stream of little miracles to guide our way.

… Our full engagement of the synchronistic process brings us immediately to the next step in living the new spiritual awareness.
James Redfield, The Celestine Vision

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