Listening Intuitively

charcoal drawing by bev

This is why I like Anna, my farrier; and Tal does too. The other day she was giving him a routine hoof trim. This is no piece of cake for Tal even though, bless his heart, he tries hard to cooperate as he is able. But sometimes, through no fault of his own, his feet hurt. This particular time she was working on one hind foot which he, being a very large horse and of great strength, kept snatching out of her hand and planting firmly on the ground. He then would lift the hind foot on the opposite side. He did this several times. Logically, Anna was intending to finish the one she was working on before doing the one that kept paddling in the air aimlessly looking for her strong farrier hands.

But Anna listened intuitively and responded to Tal. And this is what won my heart. She decided to stop what she was doing and went to the opposite hoof he’d been lifting. As she started cleaning it with her pick, out popped a rock the size of half a walnut shell. Ouch! Tal had known this was the most important next step. His discomfort was alleviated in an instant. Anna was then able to go back to the hoof she’d been working on and finished the job with ease. Thanks, Tal for speaking, and Anna, for paying attention.

This incident reminded me of another time when Anna responded intuitively to Tal. Once again she was working on his hind feet. This time he’d had an injury to his right hip and was finding it difficult to put weight on one side. Finally he just walked away. Instead of getting annoyed, a common response of many humans, Anna stood still and quietly watched. I stood with her. Amazingly, Tal repositioned himself so that his front feet were downhill bearing more of the weight which took the pressure off of the injury in his rear end. Anna was then able to proceed with the trimming without further struggle.

After experiencing Tal’s directives and Anna’s receptive and intuitive responses, I have wondered how many times in situations like this that we interfere with what could be an easier and more delightful solution by becoming annoyed, and completely ignoring our intuitions. Though intuition can be subtle, challenging … and sometimes seemingly treacherous, I have found it ultimately to be a gift of joy.

2 thoughts on “Listening Intuitively

  1. Yea!!! So glad you are posting again…
    Love your picture…love that you are listening intuitively and out comes your blog! Thank you.


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