Rhythm and Beauty: Frivolous Moments?

    Amoura                                                                pastel by bev  

I just finished the post that had held me captive for many weeks. It is not published yet, but soon will be. Taking a break, I went to the oversized open door from my writing studio to the upper floor deck and stood. I felt the day as it was taking part in its evening meditations. The horses below the deck had come in for a quick nap. I looked down at Tal’s bright white coat and poured out love. I felt something flow out of me into his body and I let it happen without trying to analyze or assist. It was beautiful, it was healing, for him, and for me.

The sun, low in the sky, magically outlined everything it touched with its warm golden light painting long shadows on the eastern slopes. There was a peaceful quiet, a calm as insects buzzed in the sun bleached pastures reminding me of cozy childhood feelings of safety and security.

As birds darted to and fro gathering dinner for their families, they glistened in the light of the yawning sun. The horses found their way back to their favorite places in the pasture nearby waiting for their nighttime snack. One stood watch over me, Amoura, who named herself “love.”

As I bring my attention back to myself, the dog sleeps peacefully behind me, and the sun peeks around the building and casts its end of the day warmth on my rubber boots soothing my tired feet. All is well, I feel. I let myself linger in the feelings, wondering why we humans think these are only frivolous moments when instead we are communing with the divine and allowing it to do it’s cosmic work.

One thought on “Rhythm and Beauty: Frivolous Moments?

  1. Dear Bev,
    I am so glad that you are up and writing the blog again! It seems like the flow is moving through you.
    You are an “accomplished” writer and artist…how do I know? Because this is how you spend your days..

    Love, Catherine


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