Journey Into Surrender, Part 6: Trusting the Unseen

standin’ tall                                                   charcoal by bev

Tal was lying down and I needed to leave for a few hours. With most horses that would not be a problem, but with Tal it was a different story. On the one hand his physical circumstances brought questions about whether or not he could get up. On the other hand, I was given an incredible peace that all was well and that leaving was ok. Even if I were misinterpreting, in the worst case scenario, it helped that it was a cloudy day and he wouldn’t get too warm in the sun, there was water and food within reach, Tal takes good care of himself when he’s down by rolling periodically to keep the circulation going in his organs, and I was prepared to come back soon. The risk wasn’t huge, but it was a big step for me, even though a gentle one. Those voices in the head nag about what I should or should not do, but the  peaceful knowing was stronger.

Tal was in sitting position on the ground. I kissed his forehead and walked away. As I drove off in my car, I felt an inner quiet around my decision to leave. I instinctively looked back over my shoulder as I always do for a quick glance, and I couldn’t believe it… well, yes actually I could. Tal was standing up… and standin’ tall! I laughed heartily and shook my head feeling awe that the divine gives such amazing feedback sometimes when there has been a leap of faith. And the peace of mind it brought me as I settled into my trip into town was a gift, so loving and kind. It touched my soul and opened the door to that magical dance with nature as I traveled the winding road.

Journey Into Surrender, Parts 1-6

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