Journey into Surrender, Part 4: Orchestrated by a Cat

cat                                                            charcoal drawing by bev

I went out one night in the pasture and sat down in the moonlight on an old chunk of aged wood that formed a natural bench. It was during the time prior to the events described in my last post when I was feeling perplexed about the lack of substantial manifestation in Tal’s healing. I felt a gritty gravel packing in around my heart. The cat came to join me and sat quietly beside, holding her breath for the opportune moment to speak. When she did, what I heard was this, “Why do you sit here and cry when you are on the brink of something wonderful? It is time to get on with your work. Go do it.”

Her words spoke life into me. I jumped up with excitement knowing it was time for the healer in me. I had let go of fixing the horses until I’d learned to receive from them, and now I was in a partnership. Tal had told me that he was not my guru (nor was I, his). We were working together.

I walked straightaway to Tal who was lying down. I surrendered to my divine self and to Tal’s and felt a rush of warmth in my heart as I rolled up my sleeves in preparation to do what I love to do. Tal was relaxing in the light of the moon in his white and black coat. I rubbed and massaged him up and down his back, on his large chiseled head as he squinted his approval, and any other area that was reachable. Without busy thoughts or even conscious intention that might have interfered, I moved effortlessly as my hands found spots on Tal’s body that felt good to knead, to quietly hold, to push, or to gently circle

I  began to experience being a conduit for all of nature, and the animals who were thrilled to finally be allowed to participate. Lolita, the cat, came near with a silent joy. She could hardly contain herself but did very quietly with just her bright eyes reflecting our mutual joy!

My hands continued to find their way on Tal’s massive body, and my heart expanded outwards beyond boundaries. I felt the land, the trees, the clouds, the moon, and oh… the frogs. The frogs!  My heart took a leap as if I were one of them. I let their song permeate and do the work through the sounds and the rhythm of the music itself and as it pulsated through my hands.

What a night!  The healing was unfolding, the unveiling of the unsuspected interference (Journey into Surrender, Part 3: Unsuspected Interference) was soon to follow in the step by step process over rocky terrain but with beautiful vistas along the way. And there were more to discover!

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