Moment of Perfect Peace: catching

tal’s moment                                                    photo by chandra smith

In a world that seems out of control, I find it inspiring to hear about moments of perfect peace experienced by others, those ordinary moments in life that become spiritual. Those moments we almost miss if we aren’t paying attention.

The horses have taught me to linger with that moment, to stretch it out just a bit longer, staying with it effortlessly… just like Tal in his peacefulness above. The more we get the knack of it, something that horses do so easily, the more quickly we recognize those times as they come. Then, we can embrace them and gradually make them our dwelling place.

These memories and feelings actually change our heart rhythms and can affect those who are physically near us. And in the spiritual realm the effects are much more far reaching. Though I am not one to wait for science to catch up, in this case, there is supportive evidence to the physical and emotional benefits for ourselves and those who are close by when we experience the feelings from a cherished memory or moment. (The Heartmath Solution by Doc Childre and Howard Martin)

I look forward to hearing and sharing your moments of perfect peace.

A friend responds:

What a beautiful offering…and so very seriously needed. Just reading your message gives me a breath of peace in the midst of all the tumultuous energy that’s been running through. Thank you……………………

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