Expression of the Divine, Part 7: Epilogue

Tal and Bev…moments of perfect peace with a dollop of joy…

Sore feet again. But I was ready for it this time. I knew that whatever happened, it did not invalidate the experiences I’d had with Tal. That chapter was finished. The experiences were real and could not be wiped away. So I partnered with Tal in moving forward, learning what was next to learn. It was a bit tenuous, but every time I started to worry, something buoyed me up and kept me from sinking. This time I was on good behavior and when I heard Tal remind me to “go to the home place” I responded with trust.

I tucked Tal in for the night in one of his favorite open stalls that he’d already selected for as long as he wanted to stay for the night. I put leftover hay on the ground so his feet would be clean and dry, and made sure he had plenty to eat. I reaffirmed my willingness to listen to him and to learn what was next. As I turned off the barn light and shut the door, a thought slipped into my consciousness. I had lagged in my writing and posting again. Absolutely true. I hadn’t posted.

I shook my head in disbelief at myself. But, my heart lifted with awareness and understanding. I went home and prepared a new post.

The next day when I arrived at the barn, I looked for Tal and found him up the hill in the pasture with the rest of the herd. A good sign. He was not in his stall where he tends to stand when his feet are feeling tender and he was a good distance from the barn.

In the midst of doing chores a little later, I happened to look up as Tal was walking down the hill. My eye just caught a little interaction between he and Dollar which prompted a little running. A very good sign. This time I shake my head in knowing relief and with warm gratitude with the loving feedback.

I feel an admiration for this horse. His work is not just with me. It is far reaching. I get hints, but more understanding will unfold. In the meantime, I wonder what will be next. Onward to new stories.

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