Heart Matters

The following are comments regarding a recent post with a picture of a heart left in the mud by the horses on Valentine’s Day. (See Special Moment)

A friend writes:

“Loved the gift the horses left for you on vd…so glad you could see and receive the gift; probably not many could.”

Interesting comment. Actually when I first saw the heart in the mud, I didn’t respond. Usually I’m fairly aware,…but in all honesty, this time I didn’t get it until almost 2 weeks later.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that generally I’m not drawn to heart shapes. I suppose I’ve recklessly relegated them to the category of “too cutesy.” There are exceptions of course. One of them being the handiwork of a dear friend who recently visited. Being a bit of a fun loving trickster, she left little surprise hearts strategically placed here and there in my cabin to be discovered over the next days and weeks when I opened a cupboard, cleaned a window sill, or took a dinner plate out of a stack. During her short stay, she’d taken the time to cut little hearts out of bright fluorescent pink post-its that I had stashed with my office supplies,…which she found. Her hearts touched my heart.

Even though my first response to the horses’ heart in the mud was filtered and dulled, after some time has gone by, I have been touched deeply. Very. In the beginning I dismissed it as just a heart, but heard an inner voice saying, “Get your camera!” Out of some kind of dutiful obedience, I got it, but the numerous pics I took sat in my iPhoto for two weeks. I didn’t even share the experience with friends as an amazing event.

My mind had been tightly bundled in stress. And though my eye saw the shape, my own heart didn’t until a few days ago when I saw as if for the first time. It then unfolded as an important part of my process of breaking out of being stuck in my writing. It became an easy post after months of none. It has finally hit me how remarkable the whole thing was… and is. I get it now!

Thanks for commenting.

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