The Rest of the Day

pencil sketch by bev

Having danced with a butterfly
in the morning (see: A Horse, A Butterfly… and Me),
I headed for the redwoods nearby
for the afternoon.
I was still following Apolinaire’s agenda
while he peacefully grazed with his herd
out of my sight.
He had lined up the day for me
including all important players.

There is a very large old redwood
standing in the grove
not far from the creek.
At its base
I saw a gentle and
sweet-faced lioness
in the burl…
from the fairy world I presume.
Let me sketch you,
I said,
draw you in
to my life to carry with me
for time and remembrances
and to receive your gifts.
I did.

I bring healing to your physical life,
she said, now carry me with you
and journey to the creek.
I did.

Wading in my knee-high rubber boots
with my large teddy bear dog
splashing alongside me, our daily ritual,
today was different.
The doors within were flung open
to take in, to notice, to receive,
and to feel.
I did.

A brilliant vibrancy
pulsated around me
making me feel like
a youthful traveler
in a mythical story.

Then entered a creaking sound
like a wise old man’s scratchy voice.
It was indeed.
Another old redwood tree,
rooted near the water,
was creaking his thoughts to me
as I walked by.
I chuckled and stopped.
Looking up like a child
through his branches
as high as I could see,
I asked what he was telling me.
Feel, he said,
look at me and feel.
I did.

A familiar feeling poured over me
flirting with some unknown past,
delicious and good
a feeling memory
that had merged
with the other world,
void of visual recollections,
but not needed.
Feeling was enough.

Listen to the creek, the redwood tree said,
feel the musical symphony deep within.
Let it fill you, permeate, and saturate you.
I did.

I’d never felt such music before
as the chuckling water
bounced and babbled happily
over rocks formed through time
by its steady and unrelenting hand.
It traveled deeply into my body.
I wandered through feelings of
indescribable awe
and wondered what changes
were transpiring in my body,
in my mind, my soul.

Then the sparkling sunlight
caught my eye
with its reflected magical distortions,
moving and ever-changing shapes,
flashing, quivering, shimmering, winking…
a divine light show
bringing changes
I couldn’t fathom at the moment.

As I stayed with the feelings it evoked,
all of nature whispered noisily,
feel the trees, feel the creek, its sounds,
its reflection of silent and moving light,
the smells of life.
Receive them and feel in your
body and soul.
Receive, allow, and feel.
I did.

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