Rhythm and Beauty

“grasslights” by Chandra Smith



The sun coming through the old apple tree shows dapples on his soft mahogany coat near where a saddle use to ride years ago. My hands finding energy waves, create moving shadows that twist in and out and then linger over special points on his large body. He lowers his head and closes his eyes.


Off in the far distance his broad but gentle form is silhouetted and framed by the blonde grasses of the pasture. Only a mental hint of his reddish bay coat and a towering live oak tree with its greyed green clusters bring color.


A spider carrying a white berry shape on its rear pauses on the wet sand by the creek waiting for the ground to stop quivering as I walk by.


Spider web tents gathered near the bottom of redwood trees are large angular bubbles ready to float away on the breezes except for their strong tethers holding them in place.


A fence rail between us, we both sleep. She with her soft horsey nostril pushed hard against my elbow, and I with chin lazily propped on my hand. Breezes flirt with her tail creating a shadow of some undiscovered snake-like sea animal with a disheveled mop for its head. At times quietly slithering, but with the quickening of the wind becoming a wild and hungry monster whipping ragged head and long lean body in a search…but never moving far from its source.

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