Out of the Doldrums

photo image by Chandra Smith

This evening Apolinaire surprised me. Usually reserved and aloof, my endearing horse reversed roles and intercepted my own aloofness. I was trying desperately to keep my troubled spirit in check and absentmindedly went about my business picking up supplement feeders that had been licked clean, and simultaneously greeting each horse, albeit half heartedly.

Unbeknownst to me, Apolinaire, whom I had assumed was sleeping peacefully, was instead standing quietly on full alert like a giant cat ready to pounce as he waited until I came within range. I was merely passing by him and giving a token acknowledgement on the run when he unexpectedly reached out and grabbed my hand with his nose. He threw it into the air, over and over again, up and down, up and down. Having initially been caught off guard, I recovered from my astonishment and began giggling in relief, and then engaged in laughing myself full heartedly right out of the doldrums!

Once back in my joy, my eyes drifted to a problem with his front hooves and I started to feel troubled again. Forgetting my delight from a few seconds earlier, like eating an ice cream cone and not fully tasting it, I jumped back into my head and shifted my focus to doing energetic work to support his healing. Instantly, he interrupted me and captured my hand again and threw it in the air saying, “Don’t go there. Linger in your joy. All is well.”

It’s a little game we’ve played over the years always initiated by him, usually when I’m feeling sad or troubled in some way. It is kind of like tickling me, his way of telling me “no need to worry,” and reminding me what is real.

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