Stayin’ on Track

After I finished my last blog post, the horses immediately gave me another message using the same ol’ tactics that I wrote about there. It made me laugh. The current story starts with my intention to go upstairs to my art studio in the barn to work on a painting, but getting sidetracked instead. I ended up pulling weeds in the pasture thinking I could conquer 40 acres in an hour’s work! Putting off my art one weed at a time, I had created quite a nice pile while my paint brushes remained quiet in the studio.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Dollar, one of our quarter horses, had left the other horses who were napping nearby. He was headed in my direction.

As he got closer I realized he was walking straight for the pile of weeds that stood between the two of us. He was past the point of veering to the left or the right as a horse would normally do with an obstacle that significant. Instead he kept his eyes focused on me, and, as if oblivious to the obstruction but actually knowing full well what he was doing, he walked right through the middle of it. The weeds scattered like they were a pile of legos being sent across the living room floor by a jealous sibling.

My eyes widened, I giggled, and then said in staccato, “What are you do-ing?!” Ignoring my question, he stopped and faced me like a disgruntled parent with hands on hips dealing with an unruly child. He stared me down eye to eye, something he’s been known to do when he wants your full attention!

Finally, releasing his gaze, he took four steps to his right, lifted his tail and pooped! Ve-e-ery close! This brought me to full alert since my last post was on this very topic, Poop Talks. Considering what they had taught me in that pooping carnival which went on for many weeks, and applying it to this pageantry, I became very attuned to the sequence of actions I had just witnessed. He had walked through the weed pile, stopped for attentive eye contact, and punctuated with a poop. I got it! Perhaps mirroring my own submerged feelings of discontent, he was telling me clearly what he felt about my pulling weeds instead of heading for my art studio to continue my painting! I laughed with endeared amusement… and continued to pull weeds. Just one more here, and one over there, and a couple more, I was caught in my mundane addiction.

When another horse, Mariah, a secret suspect in the Poop Talks incident, headed in my direction and attempted to accentuate Dollar’s message with her own pile of poop nearby, I decided to pay attention. I stopped my laughing, stopped my weed pulling, and headed for the art studio.

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