Beyond the Blue Door

sidewalk chalk drawing “Youth In Arts Italian Street Painting Festival”
Click on image for original color

She saw many horses coming and going across the misty pasture that night, but when she counted there were only 6. She heard them first from behind, then ahead of her. But when she counted again, there were only 6; just her own herd lazily moving toward the barn from the pasture ahead. But there were others. One over there, then here. Ever so briefly.

At first it seemed her eyes were playing tricks. When she looked hard, they disappeared. Dollar, her solid, no frills horse, could see them. As the two stood together while he was eating, he lifted his head and grew peacefully still, staring intently down the hill at them. He knew. There were many. She could feel them nearby. When her eyes relaxed into a soft focus, there were gentle hints of form as if a skilled artist had used single strokes of a brush to capture each essence.

All pretense was shed. She became as a child who had stretched on tip toes and cautiously turned the knob of an old and creaking door, its blue paint faded by the years, forbidden but beckoning. With barely a touch from her hand, the door had fallen open to her and she had entered the world beyond, both in the seen and unseen.

Lifting her face to a smiling moon and to the expanse of the sky beyond, she heard the melody of her heart in harmony with the longings of her soul. This was life as she had known it merging with life as she was experiencing it this night. She stood quietly beside her horse, both knowing they were in the presence of powerful, yet ordinary and playful mystical beings who were the bridge between the worlds. Her own herd a part of them. She took a long deep breath and slowly released it as quiet contentment wrapped its arms snuggly around her.


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