Day Four. Zigzagging With Realities – Wrap Up

Tal and Apolinaire                                         Ink Drawing by Erick Moreau

This is the story behind the story. Tal’s hoof improvement has happened quickly. As I began to relax like an old man in his favorite chair at the end of the day, taking up his pipe, holding his head tilted upward with squinting eyes reminiscing his day, I too found that space inside of me and allowed the remembrances of the last few days with Tal’s laminitis, his puffy body, and his lessons to me on hoarding the stories.  I remembered how cheerfully he greeted me with a nicker each day even though he wouldn’t take a step forward on his feet. His eyes were bright and he had a twinkle that told me he was loving the special attention, and that he wasn’t in extreme pain as long as he wasn’t moving.

He had also offered practical advice along the way to support the spiritual shift, giving me instruction to use my fingers to do gentle touch and swirls on each area of his body that was holding toxins, encouraging release. He also confirmed my continuing the natural supplement that supports his thyroid. Finally he made me promise to keep writing the stories.

And then came the big revelation. A week before when a client was here, we both noticed that the head guy, Apolinaire, and Tal were in consultation with each other in the middle of the pasture. Morgan had felt that they were plotting something for both her and myself. I knew something unusual was going on because the two of them don’t often interact in that way. Neither of us were given any more indicators and awaited the story to unfold. Little did I realize at the time what pageantry they had planned. Orchestrated by Apolinaire, it was the two of them who had put on sore feet like bed slippers and were taken off the pasture and put side by side in stalls. There the two of them could both do their work on me in close proximity. With the pressure off, I threw my head back and laughed heartily as I began to understand the bigger story manifesting.

This blew the cork right off the bottle and for the whole day I drank of the spiritual champaigne that flowed. New understandings danced joyfully around me waving colorful banners of celebration in the air, each one with a special message. And in the midst of the jubilee, Apolinaire and Tal came to me and whispered their new plan for Morgan and myself, a new intern relationship. Their message to both of us was “time is of the essence…get on with it. Stop hoarding. Share the gifts you have been given.”

Got it.

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