Zigzagging With Realities

This morning I kept my eye on Talisman, my black and white paint, as he walked across the lush green pasture toward the barn. It appeared he was tender footed…or was it my imagination. As I watched I vacillated like a zig zagging jack rabbit between “yes, he is” and “no, he isn’t.” Finally, even though still wavering about what I was seeing, there was a distinct moment when I accepted that he was in trouble. From that point he seemed to get rapidly worse.

Taking him off of the pasture immediately, I busied myself making him as comfortable as possible. When my mind had time to drift, I wandered back to the moment I had accepted that Tal had sore feet. What opportunity had Tal been offering me?  It seemed as though I’d been “kicked” into making a decision. That means there was a choice being offered.

I chose to accept what I was seeing with my eyes and what is convention. Yes, Tal had sore feet. What if I had consciously chosen not to accept it? What if I had playfully pinched his nose and said, I simply won’t allow sore feet in our pasture, Mr. Tal. If I had believed as some healing practitioners that “sore feet” simply don’t exist in a realm that is accessible to us, what might the reality have become for Tal’s feet today? What if I could have chosen that other dimension and allowed it to merge with my everyday human/horse experience? In times past I had been better at doing that with my own aches and pains, but today it only vaguely entered my mind. But, what if?

This is not a discourse on denying or ignoring. That would be craziness.  But making a choice with awareness, hand in hand with the inspiration of Spirit, opens the door to the mystical where we can experience the delight of other potentialities beyond what appears to be real. Today, however, I wasn’t able to participate in another reality as I have in the past and Tal now has a full fledged case of very painful feet called laminitis. It  is time to hunker down and listen to what Tal has to teach me. I’ll ask him in the morning.

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