A Light-Hearted Mystery That Makes Life With Mystics Interesting

Kaheka - charcoal drawing by bev


A few months ago, Kaheka, a lovely long legged thoroughbred, was playing across a gate with another horse. I was busily doing chores but had time to smile at the two and their new and friendly way of interacting. I normally keep a hefty stake propped against the old wooden gate for added strength as the horses bump against it during their bantering. This time Kaheka got a little rambunctious with his passionate play and accidentally knocked the stake down. As I walked past him from the rear, he lowered his head and turned it around coyly to look at me, sneaking a peek like a mischievous kid, looking through long locks of hair to check if mom was watching. She was. He said,” uh-oh.” I laughed and said flippantly, “Kaheka, ya better put that back up,” and I walked on.

A few minutes later, I was on another round with the manure cart and as I came around  the corner I saw that the two horses were still playing. To my surprise the stake that had been knocked to the ground was back in its place propping the gate up, close to its original position. There were no other humans at the ranch nor within miles. I was both amazed and amused. Did he pick it up with his teeth and put it back, which would make a somewhat unbelievable scenario, but…possible, or was there some other sort of magic going on here? I’m still scratching my head on this one.

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