Long Night …Into Light (Part 3)

Not Today
August 19. I don’t want to write. I can’t. Carob died today. There. I said it. She died. No fluffy imageries. She died. All the stories she created have gone limp. They suddenly have no meaning, no point, no purpose. She had overcome the odds so many times, we had thought she was invincible. Not today. It was not beautiful, not lovely like the last story. No magic. Not today.

My body wrapped around her as she lay lifeless. Quiet. Her struggle was over. Relief. Stillness. I was stunned. No tears. Not yet. This was not the way it was supposed to end. I lay there with my head pressed into her middle, her body still warm. I felt her breathing, but she wasn’t, but I felt it. It was sweet, peaceful, soothing. But she wasn’t breathing. I could feel it. I did. She moved. No. She didn’t. She did. I felt her. I let myself feel her. I let go and felt, no more resisting. It was real. At last! I was free to feel her breath, her movement, to believe, to be with her, to breathe with her, to ride with her as she made her departure. It was real.

I stroked her beautiful face, the curve of her nostrils, the shape of her mouth. I admired her slender ankles, the beautiful trim of her hooves. My eyes caressed the gracefulness of her legs. I couldn’t get enough, over and over I moved my eyes and felt the pleasure of her form. I reached out and touched them. These legs had galloped so beautifully in those last moments. A perfect rhythm and movement, strong, determined, flowing, harmonious,…a powerful dance. But now quiet. Never to move again in this body. I ached.

I brushed her gently as my heart whispered messages to her as we remained together in silence. Her tossled mane that had often blown in the breezes reminding us of her unicorn nature was now still. I brushed it. And her tail. As I brushed, it fell to the wind waving behind her as she sailed onward. Questioning why. No answers came. I found flowers in the garden, bright yellow ones, bold, perfect for her. I placed them in her white mane, a special bridal flower in her forelocks, lavender in her tail as it stretched out behind her. I let myself love her, miss her, feel her.

She had come to each of the four of us during that week prior, one in a dream where she was beautiful, tossing her gleaming white mane as she breathed upon the dreamer. She came to John, her primary person, in a dream. She jumped over the pasture fence, did sommersaults, landing on her rear and then bounced to her feet and trotted past him. John’s wife had seen an imagery of her with wings flying to a new pasture of horses. I had found her in the beauty of the reflection of the creek…I had known it was her spirit.

I knew where to go today as she lay there motionless but beautiful, her white body adorned with colorful flowers. I found her in the reflection of the creek. I heard her whinny. It was real.


3 thoughts on “Long Night …Into Light (Part 3)

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I can feel your love for this animal in your words. All three stories are beautifully written and a tribute to Carob and your feelings for her.


  2. oh bev, this is great
    i love how well you describe the feeling of the moment. i can see the whole scene, the flowers and her mane-wow

    i have to say, john’s vision of somersaults made me grin. i can just see this 🙂

    i’m really happy to see you posted this-i know it was hard.

    i enjoy how honestly felt your writing is.
    have i told you how glad i am that we met? i am.

    i look forward to more


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